Not Another Cemetery!

Woodlawn Cemetery, Toledo, Ohio I have this love/hate relationship with cemeteries.  I feel the same way about cemeteries that I feel about scary movies.  There’s fear, of course, but that rush of adrenaline, too.  Who knows what you might find in a cemetery? And what is scarier—but also more thrilling—than a cemetery at night? As I’ve noted before, one of my big fears is being … Continue reading Not Another Cemetery!

The Epitome of Green

County Farm Park, Ann Arbor, Michigan As I’ve mentioned before, I love Ann Arbor and often find excuses just to drive up there.  On a recent visit to Wolverineland with my BFF, Kat, we decided to get some exercise since we’d just stuffed our faces with carbs and calories at California Pizza Kitchen. I’d been driving by a park called County Farm Park for the … Continue reading The Epitome of Green

Fairies, Buddha, and Incense

Crazy Wisdom, Ann Arbor, Michigan  Because I live in Toledo and Kat, my BFF, lives in Kalamazoo, we usually meet up in Ann Arbor because it’s about halfway between our respective cities.  Also, it’s Ann Arbor.  I love Ann Arbor, I really do.  And one of the reasons I love Ann Arbor is because of Crazy Wisdom, a tea house and bookstore located right on … Continue reading Fairies, Buddha, and Incense

Shoo Fly, Don’t Bother Me

Tanglefoot Building, Grand Rapids, Michigan I cut my teeth in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Not only did I attend college there, but it was in Grand Rapids that I had my first “real” job and experienced many of those necessary rites of passage you have in your early 20s, like falling in (and out) of love with assholes, filing my own taxes, and getting drunk with … Continue reading Shoo Fly, Don’t Bother Me

The Path to My High School

Oak Hill Park, Wooster, Ohio My parents live on top of a hill and my high school is located on top of another hill located just a few miles away.  So it was that in high school, I could see that dreaded building from my house.  I couldn’t escape it!  There it was, shining brightly in the morning and at night when sports events were … Continue reading The Path to My High School

What Big Trees You Have

Johnson Woods State Nature Preserve, Marshallville, Ohio At the end of our big day trip that had taken us from Fort Laurens to Zoar to Chippewa Lake Amusement Park, the sun finally decided to reveal is golden, lovely self.  How typical, of course, that this was at the end of the trip. We weren’t planning on going anywhere after Chippewa Lake, but then my dad … Continue reading What Big Trees You Have

Rotten Apples, Lustgartens, and German Separatists

Zoar, Ohio After visiting the barely-left-fort of Fort Laurens, we drove down the road and arrived in the village of Zoar.  I had no idea what to expect except for something “cute.” Zoar was certainly cute.  Very obviously historical (a deliberate aesthetic) and all that.  Unfortunately, everything was closed, too.   Before we went to Zoar, I’d never heard of it, but after reading the … Continue reading Rotten Apples, Lustgartens, and German Separatists