The Why

Everyone has their guilty pleasures on the internet.  Social media, stupid YouTube videos, Wikipedia loops, WebMD, trolling, Reddit, GIF-filled BuzzFeed listicles.

Mine are travel blogs.

I first discovered the world of travel blogs (pun definitely intended) when I was teaching abroad for a year in Madrid in 2013-2014 and stumbled upon all of these expat travel blogs that were really quite shiny and sexy.

After I returned to the U.S. and hit the corporate grindstone again, I continued to consume more travel blog content than ever.  I lived vicariously through these bloggers’ lives and Instagram feeds and couldn’t help but note how blah my life looked in comparison to theirs.

While they were going off on adventures to places like Tahiti and Malaysia, I was going on day trips to Funk, Ohio, home of… absolutely nothing.

So I’m deciding to flip the travel blog trope on its head.  This blog is for those, like me, who crave authenticity in this clickbait-filled world, are stuck living in places that aren’t exotic, and need a realistic taste of sarcasm and fun.

As such, here you’ll find my unfiltered commentary on, stories of, and non-professional iPhone photos of whatever random places I want to go to, most of which come from the delightful websites Weird U.S. and Atlas Obscura. 

Comments are welcome.  Please share your own stories, too!

P.S. I still love traditional travel blogs.


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