Ohio’s Only Revolutionary War Fort

Fort Laurens, Bolivar, Ohio

When I was visiting my family over Christmas this past December, I decided to start this blog and explore weird places nearby.  One day, my adventure crew (a.k.a., my sister, her friend, and my father) and I headed out to explore the somewhat ambitious list of places I wanted to go (including the abandoned amusement park in Chippewa Lake).

On our way to a place called Zoar (yes, Zoar, rhyming with “sore,” or—) that my parents had suggested as a destination, we were driving through a town called Bolivar and saw a sign for Fort Laurens, “Ohio’s Only Revolutionary War Fort,” and of course knew we had to stop by.

Who knew Ohio had a Revolutionary War fort?

Okay, so it soon became clear that there isn’t much of a fort actually left there—just a wall, some basic ruins, and a small museum we couldn’t visit because it was closed.

In fact, the weather was pretty disgusting, and having visiting other forts in the U.S., I have to say that Fort Laurens was fairly underwhelming.








Now, if you were to go visit there when it wasn’t pissing rain outside and the museum was actually open, the whole experience could be a bit better.  You could, say, see some old artifacts or something.  Thimbles, needles, old bullets. I don’t know.

The story of Fort Laurens itself, I later learned, was actually quite interesting.  Per their website, “Fort Laurens was built as a strategic location for staging an attack on the British at Fort Detroit during the American Revolution.”  But things quickly went south after it was built.  Think: bad conditions, few soldiers, and raids by local Native American tribes and British soldiers.

That day, though, it was just cold.


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