The Path to My High School

Oak Hill Park, Wooster, Ohio

My parents live on top of a hill and my high school is located on top of another hill located just a few miles away.  So it was that in high school, I could see that dreaded building from my house.  I couldn’t escape it!  There it was, shining brightly in the morning and at night when sports events were going on.

Before, if you’d wanted to, you could have walked from my house down the hill and then through a big farm and cornfield to my high school.  But of course no one would do this.  I mean, first of all, none of the cool kids actually walked home from school.  I mean, hello-o-o-o?  That was so middle school.  Also, the road down the hill where I lived was not exactly safe.  No sidewalks or anything, with the very real possibility of getting hit since most people rev up and down the hill way over the speed limit.

In fact, I only know two people who ever did that—one of whom, incidentally, was my sister who joined me on my trek to the abandoned amusement park.  When she and her best friend missed the bus one afternoon and couldn’t find a ride home from school, they decided to walk through the farm and the cornfields.  They made it unscathed.

This farm and cornfield have since been converted into a pretty city park called Oak Hill Park, where you can find all three (oak trees, a hill, and, of course, a park).

Besides my parents’ neighborhood, Oak Hill Park has become the go-to place to exercise for me and my family whenever we’re all home for holidays or whatever reason.

Here are some photos of different times I’ve been to Oak Hill Park, much of which has been with my parents’ crazy dog, Emma.









It’s really one of my favorite places in Wooster now—except for its proximity to my old high school, which I can still see from my parents’ house even now.


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