Fairies, Buddha, and Incense

Crazy Wisdom, Ann Arbor, Michigan 

Because I live in Toledo and Kat, my BFF, lives in Kalamazoo, we usually meet up in Ann Arbor because it’s about halfway between our respective cities.  Also, it’s Ann Arbor.  I love Ann Arbor, I really do.  And one of the reasons I love Ann Arbor is because of Crazy Wisdom, a tea house and bookstore located right on Main Street that offers “Material Treasures and Ethereal Pleasures.”


The moment you enter Crazy Wisdom, you know what kind of place you’re in.  The air smells of incense.  Anywhere you go, you smell incense.  It’s the kind of mystical place that sells not only incense, but herbals, crystals, books on Wicca and Buddha figurines.




It’s also home to the Best Damn Tea in the World: Quangzhou Milk Oolong.


To be fair, all of the 100+ varieties of loose leaf tea are delicious, but trust me: when you add Crazy Wisdom’s perfectly-steeped Quangzhou Milk Oolong tea to some steamed milk and a little bit of local honey, it’s the best tea concoction you’ll ever have.

So next time you’re in Ann Arbor, go to Crazy Wisdom and order some of the magical tea I recommended.  Observe the tarot cards and other sundries and bits of mystical magic.  Breathe in the smell of incense.  Soak in the wisdom.







You won’t regret it.


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